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The Kalleward Group is Southwest Michigan’s premier commercial construction company. Our standards for excellence and open communication process during builds make us a top choice for new builds for a wide variety of businesses along with remodels of existing structures.

Some of our biggest projects include the Donald J. Seelye Athletic Facility located at Western Michigan University and the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts building. Our construction management solutions help to cut down on issues such as lack of communication that can crop up during the development process on any build.


Commercial construction Process

With any commercial project, you want to balance top-quality design features with staying within the budget for the project. This requires valuable field experience that helps avoid mistakes that not only increase the cost of your project, but the time it takes to get the project finished. Any delays in the timeline for the completion of your project can create a ripple effect of issues, and we work hard to minimize these types of setbacks in the timelines we provide.

Using our construction management solutions ensure that you’ll have an open line of communication between those involved in your build and you. Thanks to most of our projects starting from the ground up, our contractors will be able to streamline your project and create a predictable schedule that helps you to know what to expect during the build process while maintaining costs and the schedule.


Our body of work throughout Southwest Michigan includes commercial projects of all types, including commercial, industrial, educational, religious and cultural buildings. From small jobs to large projects, our services include:

Our Process

No matter which of our commercial construction services you use, we guarantee that our process will meet or exceed your needs when it comes to communication, responding to your needs, and providing the best service possible. This is what keeps businesses coming back to us for their future building needs.

Contact us today about scheduling an appointment to discuss our construction services for your next project.

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