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    • Kalleward Group is a full-service construction company that provides construction management, design-build, general contracting, and owner representation services. Headquartered in Kalamazoo, MI, we are a family-owned and operated business. We deliver construction projects throughout Michigan in a wide array of markets, including commercial, education, athletic, government, industrial, religious, healthcare, and non-profit. With a full construction equipment yard and team of union carpenters and laborers, we regularly self-perform construction and provide general trades services.
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  • History
    • Founded in 1963 by
    • Historical Projects (create current proj format for old projects)
  • Community Involvement
    • Kalleward Group is proud to be an active and significant contributor to the local communities we serve.
    • We are Proud to Support: Boys & Girls Club, MRC Industries, Pretty Lake Camp, KOHA, Kalamazoo Classic, Kalamazoo Marathon, (other organizations)
  • Safety
    • Safety Program, excellent EMR Rating, toolbox talks, regular job site inspections and reporting, extensive safety training

Years of continued growth have moved Kalleward Group beyond the description of simple contractors to construction professionals.

By offering our clients a wide variety of services, Kalleward Group has built a reputation for excellence focusing on the high regard for customer satisfaction.

Our clients come from all sectors; industrial, governmental, institutional, and private business.

Kalleward’s project experience is just as diverse as our customers, with construction projects ranging from small office interior remodeling to the large multi-story industrial and institutional buildings seen throughout the region.

In addition to a multi-faceted background with a wide variety of construction projects, the type of services offered by Kalleward Group has also grown beyond the general construction disciplines.  We have now extended to our clients such services as construction management and design/build.

With a greater emphasis on project quality control and project delivery, we realize the benefits to our clients of the design/build method of project delivery.  By providing our customers with a single source of construction management, we can assist with the fulfillment of their building needs as well as their budgetary constraints.

Development is another area in which the Kalleward Group has expanded, offering clients a complete turnkey style of construction.  This includes assisting our clients in land acquisition, development and investment analysis for their facility management and growth.

Executive Summary

Kalleward Group as Construction Manager for your project, would be your best choice as we offer the following distinct and unique advantages:

  • As a principal of Kalleward Group, J.D. Kalleward is one of the sole owners of the company and will be assigned to this project. As an active participant, J.D. is committed to the successful completion of this project to the complete satisfaction of WMU and the building team.
  • Kalleward Group and Quality are synonymous. Our constant focus is to provide total quality management for your project. You should accept no less than the commitment to provide the best product and service possible.  As your Construction Manager, you will obtain our vast experience and ability to guarantee the level of quality for the construction process from all participants. 
  • Kalleward Group maintains an excellent relationship with area trade contractors and material suppliers by offering fair and consistent treatment as well as prompt payment. We solicit and award contracts based upon an ability to perform, not on any affiliation or lack thereof.  Kalleward Group has a reputation for integrity and honesty.  This fact guarantees a great deal of interest and response by local firms. To further warrant local interest, we communicate our intentions in advance of bids, we provide adequate time for response to our requests for quotations and we assemble packages with the abilities, strengths and limitations of the local trade contractors in mind.
  • Kalleward Group is not the biggest construction firm in town, but we strive to be the best. As a local family owned business with a wealth of construction experience and knowledge, we offer the ability to get work done successfully without the non-construction burden that can slow a job down. 
  • Kalleward Group’s current project backlog would ensure undivided attention to this project. You would receive A-Team services.
  • Quality driven with a proven track record as exemplified from the selection by Armstrong International, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Green Bay Packaging, and others as their chosen construction professional.
  • Kalleward Group and WMU have built a long lasting working relationship with many projects completed for WMU over the years.
  • The ability to man-up and staff the job with one telephone call, may it be one or one hundred.
  • A proven ability to perform important pre-construction and construction phase services in a timely manner.
  • Professional experience and a willingness to commit the time necessary to help seek out solutions to problems.
  • Knowledge of local conditions, contractors, material deliveries and manpower capabilities.



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